Common questions

Do you photograph families?

Currently I do not offer family photography or wedding photography.

Do you only shoot in studio?

No, I also shoot on-location ( in your home, studio, your business, outdoors) also.

What do I wear?

Be the you-est you possible. Wear what you would wear if you couldn’t speak and you had to explain to someone who you were without saying words. It should represent how you want the world to see you!

Do you offer hair/makeup services?

I do not include hair/makeup services in my fee however I can recommend a couple of stylists that are tried and true.

How long until I see my photos?

Anywhere from 2-3 weeks to see your proofing gallery which will remain active for 24 hours only. This is your proofing period and you must make you image choices within that time frame.

Why? Because I alot a certain amount of time for each client. During your proofing period, I am completely devoted to your retouching/editing time.

What if I want to order more photos later?

There is a $75 archival fee if I need to rebuild the gallery. The gallery will remain active for only 24 hours.